Lettre d'information – Mai 2021

Votre comptabilité des salaires

L’exportation de données a toujours été possible. Cependant, la nouvelle fonction de paie « estampille » les heures/jours qui entrent dans la paie.

Une flexibilité maximale quant au moment où les heures sont versées dans la paie !

Votre comptabilité des salaires

Over the last few months we have been working diligently on a new important module for the Danielle Software. Now the time has finally come and we present “Settlement” to you.

Exporting data has of course always been possible. The new function “stamps” the times/days that flow into the settlement.

Maximum flexibility as to when the times flow into the settlement!


You can easily see which data is still missing or inconsistent before the month-end closing. If you want to settle the days before the payroll day (usually the end of the month), we calculate with the planned times until the end of the month and correct the next settlement with the actual times.

Keep the overview with very well documented and verifiable proofs of work!